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Jump Ropes & Hula Hoops

October 2012: This year, the obsession was hula hooping and jump roping. It took a while, but I decided to make one girl per cupcake, and have all of them doing tricks with their hula hoops and jump ropes– sometimes interacting together.
This girl is the one leaping in the air while two other girls spin the rope around her.
Assembling all the girls and their ropes the day of the party.
Not sure why I decided that this girl would be sitting down while holding on to one end of a jumprope.
One of my hula hoopers. I put toothpicks in each fondant arm in order to support the hoops.
Another jump rope holder
This girl would be in mid-air while doing a rope cross.
fondant cupcake
My redhead now on her cupcake and holding her end of the rope.
fondant cupcake
I made the hula hoops months in advance to ensure they would be dried out enough to stay put while hanging on the girls’ arms or around their waists.
fondant cupcake
This hula hoop matched one my daughter had at the time.
fondant cupcake
I dipped the string in fabric stiffener to make the jump ropes airborne.
fondant cupcakes
All of the fondant characters in action
fondant cupcake
Double armed fondant hula-hooper


Bath Time with Ernie

December 2010:   A year later, my daughter was still obsessed with Sesame Street and actually wanted Ernie AND Bert cupcakes. I thought a lot about how to do this, and then somehow was struck with the idea of putting just Ernie in the bath. It became another creative challenge to put them all in different positions, some with bars of soap or scrub brushes but all would be relaxing and of course, with rubber ducky in tow.  The sugar duckies I bought from my go-to supply store, Sugar ‘N Spice.  I quickly realized that since I was covering Ernie with “suds”, I didn’t actually need to make full bodies. Most of the cupcakes are just Ernie heads, arms and legs.
Here are all the happy fondant Ernie’s relaxing in their cupcake tubs.


Fondant Tinkerbell and castle cake
October 2010:  This one was difficult. My daughter wanted a Tinkerbell cake, so I decided that I would make Tinkerbell out of fondant and have her fly over the cake. Of course.  The cake itself is the “grass” underneath the castle. The castle is made from styrofoam pieces that I cut and stuck together and then covered with fondant  then decorated. Getting Tinkerbell to fly was the hardest part. My idea was to suspend her over the cake on fishing wire, attached to a strong wire which would be bent just so. But Tinkerbell was too heavy for the styrofoam and fondant base I made, so I had to reinforce everything  with more wire at the last second which I thought ruined the whole aesthetic.   In the end, Tinkerbell did indeed fly/spin over the cake, and my 6yr old thought it was magically perfect.