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Lush + Spa Themed Extravaganza

Despite my horrible drawing skills, here’s what I envisioned for her cake.  The peanut -shaped thing is supposed to be a bathtub.*

* proper perspective (of anything!) not included 😬

Big shoutout to my 11-yr old daughter for making all the Lush bath bombs.  She chose a bunch from the Lush website then made teeny tiny replicas! They looked exactly like the real thing.

Because I wanted the spa girl to be in a bubble bath, I needed to make arms and legs.  But I had to make and remake her hands and feet many, many times because I just couldn’t get them quite right.

Turns out I don’t  have quite the right tools (or small enough fingers) to make delicate appendages, so hats off to the experts.

As a result, my bathing beauty looked a bit man-ish for a 14-year old girl, but it’s okay…the intention was in the right place. Plus, bath bubbles.

Then I painted her fingernails and toenails to make it look more realistic (and if I’m being honest, less man-ish).  I needed magnifying glasses for that.  And a toothpick!

And now the cakes. I baked three chocolate cakes from Ina Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Parties cookbook (actually baked these the night before), but the morning of the party, I stacked them with chocolate ganache in between.

Then added the final crumb layer before layering over the fondant…


The fondant layer…

Here I am piping the bath mat….

Here’s the first look at the finished product.  I wish I had taken individual pictures of all of the things on the cake, but I didn’t.

Here’s a list of what was on it:

  • Claw-footed bathtub
  • side table
  • glittery (sequined) lampshade/lamp
  • pitcher of lemon water
  • bath bombs
  • slippers
  • book
  • face mask
  • cucumber eye treatement
  • bath turban
  • edible homemade sequins and fondant flowers around the base just for decoration.

Side view…

And at last, a picture of me and my happy,  newly crowned 14 year old

Now I need a deep tissue massage and a long soak in a Lush-scented bubble bath!