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Fondant Tinkerbell and castle cake
October 2010:  This one was difficult. My daughter wanted a Tinkerbell cake, so I decided that I would make Tinkerbell out of fondant and have her fly over the cake. Of course.  The cake itself is the “grass” underneath the castle. The castle is made from styrofoam pieces that I cut and stuck together and then covered with fondant  then decorated. Getting Tinkerbell to fly was the hardest part. My idea was to suspend her over the cake on fishing wire, attached to a strong wire which would be bent just so. But Tinkerbell was too heavy for the styrofoam and fondant base I made, so I had to reinforce everything  with more wire at the last second which I thought ruined the whole aesthetic.   In the end, Tinkerbell did indeed fly/spin over the cake, and my 6yr old thought it was magically perfect.