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Carnival Funland

Doughnut Extravaganza

fondant doughnuts
December 2014: Here are some of the first mini doughnuts I made. All are made of fondant and topped with royal icing. The sprinkles are actual sprinkles!
fondant glazed doughnuts
I experimented making glazed doughnuts. Some I used just painted with translucent royal icing. Some I painted with gelatin so that it would peel a bit and look translucent when dry. And some I covered in clear glitter flakes.
fondant doughnuts for cupcakes
Fondant doughnuts


My almost 8 year old daughter made the kitten + accessories in the upper right of the picture. She also made the two doughnuts at the very top!
Fondant doughnuts on cupcakes
Here they are!  I wanted each cupcake to resemble a little picnic table, so I wrapped them with red gingham waxed tissue tied with a white ribbon.  Then, I topped each cupcake with a smooth white fondant round before topping each with the doughnuts.  
fondant doughnut topped cupcakes
An aerial view
fondant doughnut topped cupcake
some close-ups
fondant doughnut topped cupcakes
The “powdered sugar” on the doughnuts was actually dried white fondant that I ground up in a coffee grinder.
fondant topped cupcakes
A plate of mini cupcakes
fondant cupcake
This cupcake was the birthday girl’s favorite: Hot chocolate with marshmallows + a Malasada (Portuguese doughnut).



October 2013:  This project was one of those that continued to morph well beyond my initial plan, even as I was putting it all together the last day. I knew I wanted a gum ball tree with a swing, and I knew I wanted a chocolate waterfall that created a chocolate lake.   The mountain and tree are molded from Rice-Krispies Treats mixture. Once it hardened, I covered everything in fondant.  Originally, my plan was to create the colorful walking path and intersperse the individual cupcakes on the white areas. But then….
fondant with crushed candies
I decided that I didn’t want just the white background for my cupcakes, so I thought I would find a way to make the base green, like grass. I decided on crushed up green candies, but since I had to buy bags of multicolored candies, my idea morphed into a much more psychedelic experience than I had planned.
fondant cupcakes
Here’s a not so great photo of my all edible Candyland. I had a hard time trying to get the best angle to capture it all.
fondant cupcakes
All of the candies & treats on the cupcakes are made of fondant.
fondant cupcakes
I decided to add a mermaid diving into the chocolate lake. Her tail is adorned with slivers of jellybeans, and the splash is made of  hardened chocolate.
fondant cupcakes
The chocolate bars are made of fondant and stamped with my daughter’s initials. I did re-use a Ghirardelli chocolate bar wrapper to wrap my fake bars.
fondant cupcakes
The gum balls are real gum balls. Originally, I was going to make all of the gum balls out of fondant, but I decided that real gum balls would be way more  visually appealing and exciting.   I also had planned to make a fondant person sitting on the swing, but my daughter thought it would better if we used the playing pieces from the Candyland game to really hammer the theme home.


The Little Mermaid

December 2012:   My daughter wanted Ariel cupcakes, but as before, I knew I didn’t want to make 12 of the same thing, so the theme became Ariel & Friends.   Here’s a shot from the morning of the party as I am assembling each mermaid on her cupcake.
fondant The Little Mermaid cupcakes
All the mermaids, each with their individual scene. Only the birthday girl got Ariel, Flounder and Sebastian



Fondant The Little Mermaid cupcakes
Ariel, Flounder & Sebastian
Treasure Chest



Jump Ropes & Hula Hoops

October 2012: This year, the obsession was hula hooping and jump roping. It took a while, but I decided to make one girl per cupcake, and have all of them doing tricks with their hula hoops and jump ropes– sometimes interacting together.
This girl is the one leaping in the air while two other girls spin the rope around her.
Assembling all the girls and their ropes the day of the party.
Not sure why I decided that this girl would be sitting down while holding on to one end of a jumprope.
One of my hula hoopers. I put toothpicks in each fondant arm in order to support the hoops.
Another jump rope holder
This girl would be in mid-air while doing a rope cross.
fondant cupcake
My redhead now on her cupcake and holding her end of the rope.
fondant cupcake
I made the hula hoops months in advance to ensure they would be dried out enough to stay put while hanging on the girls’ arms or around their waists.
fondant cupcake
This hula hoop matched one my daughter had at the time.
fondant cupcake
I dipped the string in fabric stiffener to make the jump ropes airborne.
fondant cupcakes
All of the fondant characters in action
fondant cupcake
Double armed fondant hula-hooper


Bath Time with Ernie

December 2010:   A year later, my daughter was still obsessed with Sesame Street and actually wanted Ernie AND Bert cupcakes. I thought a lot about how to do this, and then somehow was struck with the idea of putting just Ernie in the bath. It became another creative challenge to put them all in different positions, some with bars of soap or scrub brushes but all would be relaxing and of course, with rubber ducky in tow.  The sugar duckies I bought from my go-to supply store, Sugar ‘N Spice.  I quickly realized that since I was covering Ernie with “suds”, I didn’t actually need to make full bodies. Most of the cupcakes are just Ernie heads, arms and legs.
Here are all the happy fondant Ernie’s relaxing in their cupcake tubs.