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Bath Time with Ernie

December 2010:   A year later, my daughter was still obsessed with Sesame Street and actually wanted Ernie AND Bert cupcakes. I thought a lot about how to do this, and then somehow was struck with the idea of putting just Ernie in the bath. It became another creative challenge to put them all in different positions, some with bars of soap or scrub brushes but all would be relaxing and of course, with rubber ducky in tow.  The sugar duckies I bought from my go-to supply store, Sugar ‘N Spice.  I quickly realized that since I was covering Ernie with “suds”, I didn’t actually need to make full bodies. Most of the cupcakes are just Ernie heads, arms and legs.
Here are all the happy fondant Ernie’s relaxing in their cupcake tubs.