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Doughnut Extravaganza

fondant doughnuts
December 2014: Here are some of the first mini doughnuts I made. All are made of fondant and topped with royal icing. The sprinkles are actual sprinkles!
fondant glazed doughnuts
I experimented making glazed doughnuts. Some I used just painted with translucent royal icing. Some I painted with gelatin so that it would peel a bit and look translucent when dry. And some I covered in clear glitter flakes.
fondant doughnuts for cupcakes
Fondant doughnuts


My almost 8 year old daughter made the kitten + accessories in the upper right of the picture. She also made the two doughnuts at the very top!
Fondant doughnuts on cupcakes
Here they are!  I wanted each cupcake to resemble a little picnic table, so I wrapped them with red gingham waxed tissue tied with a white ribbon.  Then, I topped each cupcake with a smooth white fondant round before topping each with the doughnuts.  
fondant doughnut topped cupcakes
An aerial view
fondant doughnut topped cupcake
some close-ups
fondant doughnut topped cupcakes
The “powdered sugar” on the doughnuts was actually dried white fondant that I ground up in a coffee grinder.
fondant topped cupcakes
A plate of mini cupcakes
fondant cupcake
This cupcake was the birthday girl’s favorite: Hot chocolate with marshmallows + a Malasada (Portuguese doughnut).